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AA+ ontwerpbureau bv
Kerkweg 77d
2825 NA Berkenwoude

The interests of the customer are central at AA + ontwerp bureau bv. Designer Marinus Weijers makes no concessions when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. I like to share my passion with critical homeowners and carefully selected suppliers. These are mostly traditional family businesses, where passion for their profession is paramount and is the connecting factor. We make designs down to the refined details in combination with a well-considered price-quality ratio. We are mainly specialized in two styles. Namely in the classic "Kempen style" with the natural weathered materials and the rural and somewhat tighter "Gooische style" with special thatched roofs. From A to Z thinking along and guiding from design to construction, from exterior, interior and garden is our specialty. Everything in one hand at AA + design agency and Marinus Weijers as a personal point of contact throughout the entire process. Where style, balance and attention to your personal details in all layers of the entire process give the AA class a +.

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Gooische villa Veluwe

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Kempic Villa

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