Bob Romijnders

Bob Romijnders

Bob Romijnders Architectuur + Interieur B.V.
Oranjesingel 57
6511 NP Nijmegen

As an architect and interior designer, Bob is constantly looking for the perfect picture. Materials, colors, … everything is weighed very carefully until a design emerges that he completely supports.

Before starting his office in 2010, Bob gained experience at several firms in the fields of architecture and interior design. There he not only learned the art of designing and selecting the finest and best materials, he also became adept at creating so-called artist impressions. These signatures now form the basis of virtually all of Bob’s designs and are an essential part of the design process.

Choosing an architect is very personal. After all, architect and client work very closely together. Therefore, it is very important to us that you feel good about our agency. That you can be sure we understand your needs and can translate them into a great design.

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