C’avante Interior & Design
Maasdijk 65,
5354 KA Demen

Founded by Chantal Peters and Arjan Arts, C’avante is the new name for the interior design firm founded in 2011. C’avante creates and realizes attractive, warm interiors with a lot of attention for comfort in the current and future living situation of you as a customer. Our style is timeless, luxurious and modern. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of colors, materials, but also techniques, we are uniquely able to create a suitable and unique living environment for and with you.

When it comes to a new construction project, we sit around the table at an early stage with an architect who we help to integrate the outside and inside of a home in a good way. Our knowledge about home automation, lighting plans, sight lines, walking routes, but also the practical usability of a home is used to do justice to the interior. In existing buildings, we look at the same things in the current situation. When necessary, we call in a structural engineer or architect for structural improvements.

To give you a good idea of ​​your new interior, we work with 2D and 3D programs so that you will never be faced with surprises. We do the realization together with renowned parties at home and abroad. Do you also want an interior that really suits you? Then contact us!

“C’avante, where interior meets comfort and luxury”

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Forest villa in Bennekom
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