Construction company Van Middendorp

Construction company Van Middendorp

Bouwbedrijf Van Middendorp BV
Het Laar 1
6733 BZ  Wekerom

Room for ideals
We all need space to retreat. A base where we can enjoy, meet and recharge. It is perhaps the most important place in our lives. We shape that space in our own way, according to our specific desires and ideals. That place has to be perfect. Realized with every attention to quality and craftsmanship. Right down to the smallest detail and to the last stylistic element. Because you set high standards for such a special place. That’s convenient. Because that’s what we do at Van Middendorp.

The bigger your ideals are, the more important it is to nurture them. To monitor even. The challenge is not designing, or building. The challenge is realizing what you envisioned, in the way and within the conditions that are important to you. In this, Van Middendorp has his own vision. By connecting ideal and practice as early as possible in the realization process, we rule out disappointment. Indeed, we create surprises and extraordinary results. This requires alertness. For loyalty within the construction team. Loyalty to your ideal above all – and to each other. In such cooperation, we like to have a connecting and directing role. Precisely because we can oversee the total realization process and advise you on a variety of choices from that position. This is the way to realize your ideals.

Inspiring solutions
“Discovery and experience are central to our new premises,” says Kees van Middendorp, owner of Van Middendorp Construction Company since 2000. “The construction world is in a state of flux and there are more and more opportunities to opt for smart solutions during construction that make every new construction project even more beautiful and sustainable. Think heated glass or climate ceilings. We like to show our customers these innovations and more. They are solutions that they often don’t know yet, but that we are already applying in abundance in the homes we build.”

Quality since 1985
Kees van Middendorp has been working in construction since 1985. In 1993 he started a construction company with a partner and from 2000 he continued independently with Bouwbedrijf Van Middendorp BV. Since then, the company has grown steadily. “Today, with about 50 employees, we give space to our customers’ ideals. In doing so, we do like a challenge. We don’t make standard construction projects, but are constantly working on customization.” Adriaan van der Zande, Kees’ partner since 2015, adds: “Whether it’s an addition or a whole house, a commercial building or apartment complex, clients always choose us because of our quality. A great compliment for which we work hard.”

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