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Cosentino: stoneware in durable materials
Cosentino Group is a Spanish international family-owned company specializing in the production of sustainable stone products. With the Dekton, Silestone and Sensa brands, Cosentino has developed materials that immortalize the beauty of natural stone. In fact, these industrially manufactured plates are indistinguishable from the real thing and each has its own unique added value. Besides being scratch, stain and acid resistant, Silestone has a very wide color palette, Dekton is heat, frost and thaw resistant and Sensa is exotic natural stone that never needs to be impregnated. In short, brands that are and remain beautiful. The materials lend themselves ideally to interior applications such as bathrooms and kitchens but also as cladding, for example.

Cosentino City Amsterdam
Cosentino has two locations in the Netherlands, a Cosentino Center Deurne where the warehouse and offices are located. From here, stone fabricators are supplied who transform the slabs into kitchen countertops, shower walls, flooring, furniture cladding or even facades. There is also the Cosentino City experience center in Amsterdam. Here visitors can view and compare colors, materials and application possibilities for architecture and design projects.

More than sustainable
Cosentino is committed to circular economy by reusing water, reducing waste and extending the life cycle of products by promoting repairs, reuse and recycling. This commitment to the environment also translates directly into the brands. For example, Silestone is produced with pioneering HybriQ technology, a new manufacturing process that uses a high-quality blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials, 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy. And in the company’s goal of promoting energy efficiency, emission reduction and sustainable mobility, the Dekton brand was recognized for being carbon neutral throughout its life cycle. All measures to minimize the ecological footprint and make the entire production chain sustainable. For example, Cosentino’s materials are more than beautiful.

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