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Crown Oak

Out of passion for the product started more than 12 years ago in Belgium , as pioneers in “Oak Framing” we can look back with satisfaction on hundreds of exclusive projects here and abroad . The conscious choice to maintain customization whether it is about a carport , garage , terrace , extension , pool house , garden house , guest house or any oak outbuilding guarantees an undeniable added value for your patrimony , as each realization is unique . With knowledge and dedication we would like to guide you to the realization of the project and this in all its aspects . Kit form to total projects . The creation of an oak structure ” oak frame” , which is structurally according to the rules of art and meets your requirements is a craft , which should be created with the necessary knowledge. Creativity , experience , know how and quality are essential . Our biggest compliment is the return of clients for their next project .

Green oak ? Timeless charm of oak.

That oak is durable and strong is proven by many historic buildings across Europe. The charm and grandeur of time-aged oak structures cannot be matched by any other material . Oak is slow-growing and therefore more durable than other wood species from our latitudes . The age-old traditional English principle of “oak framing ” uses young sawn ” green ” oak in self-supporting structures with numerous necessary joining methods , mortise and tenon joints using wooden dowels and warped plugs , which due to the natural drying process of the young oak only make these joints more tight . This craft requires knowledge and experience . Obviously, after production, assembly should be carried out at short notice because of the drying process . Convince yourself with numerous our references at home and abroad to admire in our gallery . For questions or information, I will be happy to assist you .

How to get started on it ?

  • Crownoak guides you through the entire process from idea to final realization. We can vouch for the application , if required .
  • After your custom oak outbuilding has been outlined and quoted to everyone’s satisfaction , the request for permit , building plans in 2 and 3 d follows for approval . It is customized and then adjustments during this process are of course possible .
  • You should expect a period of 20 to 105 days in normal circumstances, depending on the Department of Planning and Residence .
  • Buildings under 40 m2 can be exempted in some cases , but is therefore far from obvious .
  • We are happy to assist you for further information
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