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Why choose Dauby?

The products:

The most beautiful details throughout your home

Dauby is an importer of exclusive door, window, and furniture hardware from Europe. Because we are always responsive to your needs, we have expanded the collections to include a wide range of bathroom and kitchen accessories, metal tiles, tea-light holders and fragrance dispensers. All in the same natural materials and cast in sand molds. We offer you a total package so that your interior can be completely decorated in the same style.

Dauby specializes in both handmade retro hardware and designer hardware by top designers.


Each product is unique

Dauby’s Retrogam range is completely handmade. First, the metal is cast in sand molds, a technique used 3,000 years before Christ, and then the products are further finished by hand. The casting process in sand molds causes the batter to have a grainy surface and thus small imperfections. This makes each piece unique and gives it an artisan old look.

A centuries-long tradition

Dauby works with natural materials such as bronze, white bronze, brittanium, wrought iron, and the like. These metal alloys have been used by artisans for centuries and are not only durable, but also recyclable. The metal will patina over time. The same rule applies here as with good wine: the older it gets, the better it gets!

Dauby is also a trendsetter when it comes to materials; brass and chrome fittings are seen everywhere. Dauby stepped away from these “cold” materials for some time and innovated by introducing time-honored traditional materials into the world of door hardware.

Innovative materials

Moreover, we have created some new and unique versions for your interior: the raw bronze and raw metal. These rough versions are found exclusively and only with the Pure collection, and give the hardware a pure, rough and tough look that taps into industrial design. Make sure you too are a trendsetter, and choose these unique versions!

Tradition and design go hand in hand

Furthermore, Dauby is innovative through its unique concept of fusing tradition and design! Dauby draws inspiration from an important turning point in history; namely, the transition from traditionalism to modernity.

The emergence of design

At the beginning of the 20th century, the design movement took off, with the main school being the “Staatliches Bauhaus,” a school that changed the world and spread modernist thought worldwide. The main characteristics of this design movement were the unity of form and function, and a simple and clear style intended for industrial production. The machine, industry and the concept of “mass production” appeared during this period, and the Bauhaus believed that artists and industry should work together.

Innovative style from Dauby

Dauby will reinvent design models from this period by producing them entirely by hand, using techniques dating back to +- 3000 BC. Dauby thus unites 2 totally opposite ideas: the contrast of the austere, pure design with the authentic look of the sand mold casting process.

This gives character to the product that sets it apart from the mass-produced, which we already have enough of in our current disposable society. We are fully responding to the trend of cherishing the authentic, to objects that are handed down from generation to generation and to which more and more value is attached.


In addition to an extensive range of retro hardware, Dauby also has a wide range of design with models designed by top designers. Great names like Phillipe Starck, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Hannes Wettstein, Enrico Baleri, Ricardo Dalisi, Marcello Cutino, Fabrizio Cester, Brian Sironi, Luigi BarolI are the designers of the door and window hardware in our design range. The sleek design and materials such as chrome, nickel, and stainless steel add class and sleekness to your interior.

But Dauby doesn’t stop at design, either. Italian design innovates again and again, bringing a whole range of new versions to the market.

The service

When you choose Dauby, you also choose good service! Although we don’t do placement, we will guide your projects from the showroom or on-site. Come make your choice in our showroom, we are happy to give you interior advice and information about the products. An appointment with our representatives is also possible at any time. Feel free to request documentation as well, and we will put together a customized documentation box. Moreover, you can also request showroom material from us. We’ll look together at what would best fit your showroom.

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