De Maatwerker

De Maatwerker
‘t Walletje 115
B-8300 Knokke-Heist

You will experience the next level interiors of De Maatwerker. Innovative and groundbreaking customization go hand in hand with an aesthetic eye for fine details. The outcome? Very individual, full of character
spaces with the personal touch of the customer. Pure. Tight. Tough and soft at the same time.

Passion and talent are in De Maatwerker’s DNA. They connect a strong and dynamic team brimming with ambition and enthusiasm, a zest for work and competence.

Thanks to almost 10 years of knowledge and experience in interior construction, they every day raise the boundaries from the usual to the exceptional. The love for beauty, the hunger for innovation and the sense of perfection ensure that the De Maatwerker team always gives the best of itself for every customer.

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