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Decoration Empire

Decoration Empire
Lopikerstraat 37
2871BV Schoonhoven

From the first sketch to the last detail. Decoration Empire belongs to a small select group of interior designers and architects in the world who realize total projects. Design, construction supervision, upholstery and design all in one hand. Under the inspiring leadership of Anne Noordam and Thong Lei, an all-round company has emerged that works on an international level. Making a house is a complex and time-consuming whole for a client. With our years of knowledge of the construction / renovation and the supervision thereof, we can relieve as many concerns as possible and create a high-quality and beating house. From the beginning to the end.

We believe in total designs. The integration from the inside to the outside and vice versa. They never work solo. Our design team tackles each space together, because the best design is born by criticizing each other and learning from each other. We also call that ping-pong.

Our mission is to develop the most beautiful houses and interiors for the client. The houses are free from a certain style and free from a certain trend. We like to design the most special houses and interiors: a mix of different styles, cultures and countries. Our vision: creating a field of tension in every room or building, so that no boredom of a room or house can arise. The most important thing is that we design a house for our clients, in which they live, not us. Therefore, there will be no interior or house that looks alike.

Anne Noordam
Things never go the way you want. Dealing with that and directing that is my job. Every time ensure that the best comes out. That the bottom stone is on top. I am not easily satisfied and then keep looking for the right designs and concepts. That little thing like exactly the right lampshade or the right patina of the parquet floors, that makes the difference between a nice interior and what we stand for.

Thong Lei
The challenge lies in the creativity and quality that we want to achieve. Our advantage and problem lies in the fact that we want to control everything and have to control it. From idea to the right technical implementation. We encourage our people to think as anticipatively as possible, so that you can stay ahead of mistakes. That saves annoyance, time and money. Our team understands that lifestyle starts and ends with our work.

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Decoration Empire
Castle Belgium
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Decoration Empire
Residence beurs
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Decoration Empire
Hausman apartment 8e arrondisement Paris
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Decoration Empire
Amsterdam South magnificent house
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