DerksdenBoer Interior Architecture

DerksdenBoer Interior Architecture

DerksdenBoer Interieur Architectuur
Molendijk 34
3632 EN Loenen aan de Vecht

Our agency works with people, companies and institutions that envision a clean, beautiful and livable world. Our role as designers is to make connections and cross-connections that give this “new beauty” identity. In doing so, we continue to look carefully at the human scale, making our designs unique in what fits, tunes, matches and colors.

We translate the client’s wishes and identity into an interior design that fits seamlessly into the built environment. Here, however, we do not lapse into standard solutions, but we create a design that fits the customer like a tailor-made suit. To do so, we use specific tools: intuition, common sense, chance, good taste and a broadly built network. We use the Well-Building-Standard™ as a guide in this process.

We have a practical and perceptive eye, forbíy the interior, creating space in the broadest sense of the word. We make what lives inside and what is visible outside into a fitting whole.

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