Framework Studio

Framework Studio

Framework Studio
Koninginneweg 67
1075 CH Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam, Thomas Geerlings, Maarten ter Stege and Sascha Faase create interiors that characterize the city. Framework Studio provides these interiors for restaurants, shops, offices and private homes. The design studio continuously develops and refines on distinctive and usage styles of unique materials and craft techniques. The aim is to deliver high-quality interiors through a combination of technical knowledge of the design and the interpretation of the client’s needs.

The approach
The studio works closely with clients from start to finish to achieve the result. In addition to designing each project manually, all computer drawings are also created by the studio. After the first design phase, 3D and 2D drawings are produced.

Framework Studio provides solutions for designing any design, finding solutions for any design and accessories and enabling custom design.

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Framework Studio
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