Frank Tack Interior

Frank Tack Interior

Frank Tack Interieur
Grotstraat 74
B-8780 Oostrozebeke

Streamlined design. Natural materials for a warm and timeless character. A way of working that delivers a strong example of craftsmanship, time after time, for you. Frank Tack Interieur designs and realizes your total interior, from kitchen over office to bedroom and living room. Each of our interiors demonstrates unbridled creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship. That’s … l’art de vivre.

At Frank Tack Interieur, you get 100% customization. Our interior designers put your interior design dreams on paper. They refine the design until it meets all your desires. Attention to detail and functionality are always paramount, from design to installation. The combination of carefully selected source materials, magisterial craftsmanship in our workshop and a perfect finish make your interior a place where your personality comes to life. Count on one contact person throughout the project and a punctual schedule. Finally, you will enjoy a masterful interior.

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