Geras Construction Company

Geras Construction Company

Geras Aannemersbedrijf BV.
De Buskes 4
5087 MA Diessen

Geras is a leading contemporary builder The specialist in building your dream home. With the right know-how, eye for perfection, drive and consummate workmanship, you can count on a job done perfectly to your satisfaction. Every project is handled and delivered with thorough preparation, intensive customer contact and flexibility. For us and our employees, building is second nature and therefore a natural challenge.

Realizing your dream home is one of the most important steps in your life. We understand that like no other. Your future living enjoyment depends on careful, optimal implementation of your wishes and plans. This is precisely the strength of Geras.

We work with YOU to ensure a smooth and competent construction process. This means that we are not only executors, but at the same time your advisor and director of the construction process. Here, of course, Your wishes are central.

Of course, your dream home must also remain affordable, which is why we stick to your schedule and budget agreements.

Your vision is our vision!

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