Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde Architects

Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde Architects

Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde
Reduitlaan 39
4814 DC Breda

Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde is a firm that has existed since 1996. We are flexible and collaborative in our way of working and loyal to our clients. In everything we do, we constantly strive for the highest attainable quality. We have a broad assignment portfolio of which private residences are an important pillar.

Our profession is to realize good buildings. As an architect, together with the client, you have a great responsibility for the built environment: the environment in which people live, work and play. Dialogue with the client and careful incorporation of the design into the environment therefore play an important role in our work. We strive for buildings with distinctive character, special spaciousness and careful, durable finishes. The search for the essence is central to each task. From this, simple and powerful concepts are developed as critically and consistently as possible.

We believe in the value of architecture, in the importance of the quality of buildings.

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