Gwen Hoopman Interiors

Gwen Hoopman Interiors

Gwen Hoopman Interiors
Zand- en Jaagpad 28
1397 JB Baambrugge

Gwen Hoopman Interiors is a full service design firm specializing in high quality projects where everything is right.

From the design of a luxury residence where the client immediately feels at home, through the conversion of a large school building into twelve residences, the design for a hotel in which both the lobby, bar and rooms have been transformed into the place to be, to the development of a diversity of distinctive apartments – everything is possible.

Gwen worked as a freelance interior designer for seven years, gaining extensive experience in designing and realizing large hospitality and private projects. She then started her own agency, Gwen Hoopman Interiors.

Gwen works with great enthusiasm and dedication. She transforms individual wishes into a surprising interior design in which all details and materials are seamlessly matched.

Think of developing and presenting concepts, finding the best layout, designing a space (in 2D and 3D), color, lighting or furniture advice to the complete (re)design of your home or business. Practical needs go hand in hand with comfort, style & atmosphere.
With a large network of partners, projects are fully supervised from A to Z and finished to a high standard. Each design is perfectly tailored to the user and rounded down to the candle on the table.

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