Hans Kuijten

Hans Kuijten

Hans Kuijten
Boordseweg 37
5671 AP Nuenen

‘Coloring within the lines has never been my strong suit. I like to be inspired by the world around me. That often leads to new ideas, new challenges. I can really enjoy unusual material combinations, as well as alluring shapes and vibrant colors. However, the principles of a design are always determined by the client. The customer’s desire is leading. It is up to me to then translate these into a unique creation.

Ideas often arise during an initial conversation, simply over a cup of coffee. This is followed by the research phase. I am going to read up and empathize further. For me, a design is only successful when the client feels at home in the space. My creations radiate a certain warmth. Whether it’s a sleekly designed hotel lobby or a chic skybox in a soccer stadium.

I never let trends steer me. Those don’t do anything for me. The question is always the starting point. I do like a wink here and there. My creations should put a smile on the face.

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Winner awards 2023 audience award Best Kitchen
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Hans Kuijten
Villa kitchen in Brabant
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