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5391 LR  Nuland

Heerkens Fireplaces & Stoves is a family business that once began designing and manufacturing wood stoves, from inset models to freestanding models. Meanwhile, the fireplace specialist produces much more than that, including, for example, open wood and gas fireplaces. Heerkens Fireplaces & Stoves takes care of the total picture from the gas block to the realization of the fireplace. But the specialist is also an importer and dealer of a number of leading fireplace brands.

Heerkens craftsmanship
Over the years, many construction companies, interior designers, architects and individuals have come into contact with Heerkens Fireplaces & Stoves. Partly because of this, there is a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship in house and the company can provide the client with good advice and a fireplace is designed and realized for each specific situation. The company is at the forefront of innovations, able to quickly anticipate the latest trends, materials and designs.

Eye for details
At Heerkens you are assured of a reliable address where a relaxed conversation will go in search of your ideal fireplace. By delivering a durable product, attention to detail is an important consideration. Your fireplace is then translated in our own workshop into a handmade crafted finished product an eye-catcher for any room. Visit the showroom to have your wish to fire shaped.

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