Historic Wood

Historic Wood

Historisch Hout
Bloeme weide 6
7448 PX Haarle

Historical Wood was founded by Rick de Witte, in early 2016 I purchased my first batch of old Azobé wood after which it was resold in small portions through marketplace. The response was very positive and a search abroad for a wider range soon ensued. Meanwhile, Historic Wood is an enthusiastic team that together is good at processing and selling reclaimed wood building materials.

We travel all over Europe to purchase the best quality wood, over the years we have gained many contacts that allow us to purchase almost all of our material directly from the source. From old oak wine press beams from Bosnia to floorboards from a demolished granary in Ukraine. We buy, sort and process reclaimed materials and distribute them within our customer base in the Benelux.

Our way of working is appreciated by many customers, as they say in the east, our way of working can be called typically Sallands. What is that? Down-to-earth, clear, honest, open and engaged. Every effort is made to serve our customers to their satisfaction.

Our staff’s knowledge of old wood allows us to guarantee high quality at the right price. Our staff focuses on your personal needs, and we can help and advise you as needed.

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