Brunic Resources bvba
Nijverheidsweg 18
9820 Merelbeke

We are Bruno and Nicolas, two enthusiastic brothers who founded Hogerhuis together. Since childhood, we have been fascinated by the outdoors. From this fascination, the concept of Hogerhuis was born in 2011. A company that uses wood in all its forms and types, offering a unique experience.

Hogerhuis is responsible for the design and implementation of unique tree houses, pool houses, garden offices, carports … in short, all wooden outbuildings.

Hogerhuis belongs to the Brunic Resources group, giving it a great asset. From the group, we can offer total projects without depending on external partners. That way we can guarantee quality, offer a fair price and manage the entire schedule internally.

Do you desire a unique outbuilding tailored to your needs? Then be sure to make a appointment with our architect. You will immediately experience Hogerhuis’ passion, craftsmanship and personal touch.

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