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Our garden is now truly our outdoor room

“Since we have our garden room, we enjoy being outside much more,” say just about all the enjoyers who decided to choose an Orbo. From nurses to magistrates, in small town gardens and the more spacious landscape gardens; suddenly they have a way to enjoy year-round proximity to their garden.

Orbo? Quirky spherical garden rooms!
In the show garden of the Bornem family store “Insight Out,” there are six striking garden structures : six types of the Orbo garden room. The sturdy wooden arches give the Orbos their soothing, organic shape. Once you step into the garden room, we immediately notice how generous the light is, how spacious the interior feels and how wide the panoramic windows offer views of the green surroundings.

Eager for more ‘ME-time’
“Last year a nurse came here to look at our garden rooms,” says business manager Frederik Leyssens. “Since we installed her Orbo, she comes to rest there after every work shift. She has let us know that her life has changed,” he laughs. And so each Orbo owner has his own motivations, he continues. “For many people, the Orbo is still the place of choice for socializing with friends or family. But since Corona, we have noticed especially that we are all looking for more ‘ME-time. Some use the models with lounge mode to meditate or practice yoga. Because of their unique shape, they are also places of silence in terms of acoustics.

Study or work from home: ‘Deep focus’ in the garden
Studying scholars or students desperate for a place to go “offline,” the Orbo finds a perfect block spot in the greenery – sometimes in their parents’ garden, but often because grandparents own one.

“In addition, since the pandemic, we have been increasingly asked to provide a work-at-home solution,” Frederik explains. “The Orbo offers all the options to set up your laptop workspace and get to work in comfort. You work at home in nature and can completely shut off and focus deeply without bothering your roommates.” And adds, winking: “In the evenings and on weekends, the Orbo then becomes your new favorite aperitif spot.”

Finally, the year-round ‘gardens’
A lot of people are tired of having to store their garden furniture every fall. In autumn and winter, enjoying the garden becomes so much more difficult. “The Orbo is actually a luxurious ‘all-round’ garden set equipped with all comforts, electricity, lighting and heating” says Frederik Leyssens. “In the summer it almost never gets too hot there because of the stainless steel roof that reflects plenty of heat. In winter you create just the opposite effect, due to the lower position of the sun you accumulate heat. On non-sunny, winter days you simply turn on the electric heater. This way you experience your garden up close all year round”.

A lifestyle ‘outside’ leg
“Many people initially have some trouble comparing our Orbo to other classic options for garden and outdoor living,” Leyssens concludes. “In terms of budget, it fits the range of luxury garden canopy, porch or wooden outbuilding. However, four essential points make the Orbo unique and in many ways also very competitive with other solutions on the market:

  • Its “sympathetic,” atypical form and appearance
  • Its unique construction contributes to maximum “immersion” and experience of nature
  • Its complete, ‘entry-level’ equipment – aimed at multi-purpose and long-term use
  • His limited ‘footprint’ allowing him to be ‘implanted’ quickly and hassle-free”.
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