Philitelaan 65a
5617 AM Eindhoven

King Kongs is an interior design firm that focuses primarily on hospitality design, but does not shy away from tackling other creative requests or indecent proposals. King Kongs roughly embraces new creative missions to pursue a variety of banging end results.

It’s all about the experience! .. and therefore it is not only the big things that count for us. Whether an interior is extremely straightforward, eccentric or simply a wall of simultaneously stacked bricks: from the first spark, we lead the way for our clients. From front to back, from the beginning ’til the end: we guard the identity and continuously guard the quality. We shape their thoughts and desires.

From hotel to (pop-up) restaurant, from office to retail, from branding to concept stores and from heritage to modern. We take our work seriously, there is a lot of knowledge under our roof, and we believe in what we add to the world. It is what people feel counts, what makes people feel inspired and what makes people laugh.

The serious part is to not take it too seriously. The technical work doesn’t make the difference, that’s the easy part: it’s just needed, we’ll solve that anyway. But that doesn’t make your interior so special. What makes the difference, that which you cannot define, is what we think about. The image we create, what is visible, is the essence. We create a relationship between our clients and the story they want to tell.

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