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Take home a piece of our passion

For the happiest place

At Meijs Living, we know how life sometimes moves at lightning speed. You haven’t solved one issue and a new challenge is already coming your way. Often your head is so full that the “to do” lists pile up. The only thing that helps then is to let go; to put life on hold for a while. A real home can help you do that. It is ultimately the most important place on earth, where you can safely land and be yourself.

Live Shopping

Of course, online shopping is fun and fits right in with today’s fast-paced world. Peek at your screen and with a few clicks you’re ready to get on with all your obligations again. But could you also make shopping a moment of rest? In our store, we like to welcome people with open arms and cozy up to them with a nice drink. Not because we want to sell you anything right away, but because we are proud of the beautiful designs we have in house. And happy to show them. Whether it’s a pillow, a scented candle or a designer sofa; each of these are things designed and made with love. They breathe that energy and you feel it.

Something tangible

Our team consists of fanatics with a pure passion for interior design. Together with you, they look at what you need to make your home an extension of your personality. By putting together a mood board or drawing out your space on paper with the things from your wish list, you can get a good idea. We know what you can do with light, colors, curtains and carpets and translate your desire into something tangible.


Be surprised by the ever-changing atmospheric rooms, which inspire you to get delightfully cleaned up and redecorated. Relax, nothing is required, we will think along with your budget and if you still don’t know, just come back another time. We love to share our expertise and love of beauty and quality. When you use a piece of our passion to make your home the happiest place on earth, we are truly honored. Recognize yourself at Meijs Wonen.

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