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Since Jan. 1, 2020, we have changed our name from Morelight to MoreSenz. In 12 years, Morelight has grown into a mature company and the name Morelight no longer covers all the services and services we now offer.MoreSenz stands for the experiences we create that truly appeal to all the senses!

With high-level technical expertise,MoreSenz has a great deal of distinctiveness. ‘MoreSenz’ is more than just light and creates a true experience thanks to the combinations of lighting, audio/video and home automation where convenience and comfort are key.

These days, the possibilities are endless.MoreSenz is happy to help make the right choices when it comes to lighting, audio/video and home automation.MoreSenz is brand independent and works with the architect and installer for the best results. There is a solution for every budget, for home automation as well as lighting and audio/video. Together we look at what is appropriate for the budget and go for the best result.

Want to add accents to your interior, such as on (art) objects? Want to make the room look bigger or optically create more height? A good lighting plan contributes to a stunningly beautiful interior that reflects the right atmosphere. Do you want to increase comfort and live life-proof? Then check out the possibilities of home automation! Looking for audio that doesn’t stand out but delivers unmatchable audio performance? Or do you go for ultimate design with a beautifully crafted speaker? We provide appropriate advice.

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