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MSK SunSquare

MSK SunSquare
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SunSquare® is an industry leader when it comes to high-quality sunscreens that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

SunSquare® is customized sun and rain protection and is the specialist in automated solar awnings, suitable for the smaller balcony as well as for larger terraces, glazed areas and extensions. Inland as well as coastal, we realize an optimal result for the user in functionality as well as aesthetically.

At SunSquare®, the strength is in the versatility and quality of the product. In terms of shape and appearance, SunSquare® adapts like a chameleon, giving a sleek designer home just that extra tasteful touch to bring the property to “life” while not affecting, but rather enhancing classic architecture as a whole. In addition to the fantastic look, SunSquare® gives you the feeling of luxury and protection. The sizes range from 10m² to 70m² per arrangement where the shape can vary from oblong to square and even asymmetrical.

SunSquare® is custom-made and can be mounted either freestanding or attached to the building, according to your needs and situation. The materials are of the highest quality and the security provided by the wind sensor gives security. The area it can cover is huge but the atmosphere it creates is cozy and gives a protected and pleasant feeling. Even if the weather is a bit off….

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MSK SunSquare
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