Nena van Gemert

Nena van Gemert

Nena van Gemert
Gerwenseweg 3
5674 SE Nuenen

Clear lines that emerge from the space, the home and the environment are central to Nena’s designs. The way you move through a space, how light comes in, what the sight lines are, and where there is peace/noise are key to the most ideal layout.
This layout combined with natural materials, big gestures/eye-catchers, a bit of personality from the clients themselves and the contrast between old(characteristic) and new, Nena comes up with interiors that feel instantly right. Which make residents feel at home.

“With my interiors, I want to make people who enter the home feel at ease right away, letting them instinctively find the routing through the house and surprising them with eye-catchers that feel natural. Where the charm and history of the home remain visible and a nice contrast is created with new, modern elements.”

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