NOVALIS.O exclusive design interiors

NOVALIS.O exclusive design interiors

De Lind 67
5061 HV Oisterwijk

Exclusive designer interiors

In the heart of the fashionable village of Oisterwijk, design furniture store Novalis-O by Anton van Oirschot has been established for many years. Surrounded by cozy cafes and restaurants, Novalis-O is a fixture for design lovers, who like to combine their visit with good food and drink. In the store you will find a unique collection of designer furniture, mood lighting, interior accessories and upholstery presented in coherence. Looking for a completely new interior, or just fancy a day of design in the Brabant countryside? At interior design specialist Novalis-O, you will feel at home.


Over the years, Novalis-O has made a name for itself as a reliable furniture supplier of designer furniture and interiors. Anton van Oirschot built the business from his personal conviction of quality and style. With his partner Kim Bordes, who has been with the business for many years, he knows how to create an atmosphere where customers feel at home.

Often a personal connection is created because Novalis-O is involved in important decisions; after all, an interior belongs to your intimate life for many years. The choices you make say a lot about who you are. That’s why Novalis-O is happy to help make sense of your housing needs. And to translate it into a beautiful interior that really suits you.

We regularly sit down with clients to create a complete interior design plan. We do so entirely without obligation and are not guided by our collection, but by the best solution for your interior. We would much rather see an enthusiastic customer return regularly than a one-time customer leave unsatisfied. Honest and open, that’s what we love.

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NOVALIS.O exclusive design interiors
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