Paul Nijst Garden Architecture

Paul Nijst Garden Architecture

Tuinen Paul Nijst
Graafgracht 48
B-3690 Zutendaal

Unique gardens for unique people

Gardens Paul Nijst is known for creating unique gardens to suit contemporary home styles and entirely according to the customer’s wishes. Garden designer Paul Nijst, also founder of Gardens Paul Nijst, can look back on 35 years of career in landscaping and garden design. All these years, he shares his experience and expertise with heart and soul because a satisfied customer always remains a priority.

Behind these beautiful garden creations, of course, is an experienced and professional team that always follows up its projects with a smile and with the necessary know-how, from the unique design to the complete garden construction, and finishes the sublime garden neatly down to the smallest details with the very best materials.

The way to your dream garden

3D visualization

-Our specialized landscapers analyze the client’s request and possibilities and work out the design based on a 2D or even a 3D plan so that the client can see his new garden in its full execution through photorealistic images. The client can completely imagine how his or her garden will be.

-We start from a 2D plan like other landscapers, but we go one step further for our clients. We unpack with photorealistic 3D images of your future garden. With the 3D images, the plan immediately becomes much clearer and the client can already fully empathize. Our render images go so far as to make it snow, rain, autumn, summer… (as seen on our website, Fb page and instagram)

Total projects: gardens, outbuildings, swimming pools

Adding value to your garden
Gardens Paul Nijst designs a custom outbuilding with his unique materials and completely realized according to your wishes. An outbuilding with a covered terrace provides ample protection from the sun in the summer and in the fall, combined with a beautiful fire pit, one can enjoy cozy long afterglow
on chilly evenings. In addition, your stylish outbuilding can also be equipped with a carport to keep your car protected from the weather. In turn, an attached enclosed storage area allows for further safe storage of materials. Your additional garden room always finished professionally by our team with the utmost care and manufactured with the very best materials.

Vacations in your garden

Want a blissful year-round vacation feeling? Then we are here for you to make it happen. A pool in your garden, manufactured with the best quality materials. For ancillary items, you have every choice with us. An automatic roller deck, ambient lighting, heated or not, designer staircase or plage,…. With us everything is possible.We realize your total project completely, from construction to connection. Our experts take over everything so your concern is only the choice of your swimwear.

Be inspired

In our show park, customers can make their choice at their leisure and be inspired for their garden lighting. Our team will clearly advise the customer about plants and planters, the beautiful pond options and special water creations, decorative walls or screens and garden lighting. For paving driveway and garden paths or for tiling your patio, many examples are available in all sizes and colors. In the show park one can also admire the possibilities on the basis of set-up and displayed photos how the realization of an outbuilding, carport or garden house will fit into the customer’s particular garden concept.

-In short, Gardens Paul Nijst stands for “unique garden designs” that incorporate the client’s full personality so that they can fully unwind and fully enjoy their “unique garden” which will finally become a chic and atmospheric space around the home.

-Your business card, your dream garden…our goal!

-Our mission is to design and create unique gardens for unique people where our neat and perfect workmanship is always paramount.

-Our mission is to design and create unique gardens for unique people where our neat and perfect workmanship is always paramount.

-We offer professional and skilled workmanship in the very best materials with love for your project.

View footage of the installation of a monoblock swimming pool in Hasselt taken with a drone.

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Paul Nijst Garden Architecture
Beautiful front and backyard with a romantic touch
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Paul Nijst Garden Architecture
Stylish and soothing garden with infinity pool
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