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Pavarini Design Inc.
Manhattan, New York

PAVARINI  DESIGN Inc. is a full-scale Design Firm specializing in Architecturally-Based Interior Design.  While many of our projects begin with new construction and full-scale renovations, we see nearly all projects through decoration and art selection to achieve a complete Interior Design concept.  Our work is widely recognized for its European flavor and very clear sense of style and sophistication.

Architecturally-Based Interior Design:
Whether the project takes place on a new site or involves the renovation of an existing structure, our services often begin during the construction planning stages.  Our highly adept design team is fluent in architecture, spatial visualization, and space layout; therefore, it is to the benefit of the project that our services be secured before construction begins.  We work in tandem with architects to achieve structural layouts based on architectural principles so that they are ready for construction.  

Our Interior Design concepts work hand-in-hand with the architecture of the spaces to ensure a cohesive design concept.  Whether we are involved with a construction project or not, our design is based upon the architectural vocabulary of the space.  That vocabulary dictates many of the concepts which the Interior Design and Decoration is hinged-upon.

Lighting Design is a major component to our Interior Design services.  It highlights the architecture and brings focus to the Interior Design through light and shadow, and it is a necessary component to our Architectural Interior Design scheme. 

Decoration involves the treatment of all levels of the Interior Design including the walls, ceiling, floor, and furnishings.  We consider the walls, ceiling, and floor to be the backgrounds.  For our purposes, the backgrounds must acutely relate to the furnishings as the two are inter-dependant.  Our team includes numerous artisans versed in the arts of decorative painting, mural painting, faux finishing, and tile and mosaic installation.  With them, we can create suitable and appropriate backgrounds for the furnishings.  Furnishings include furniture, accessories, art and sculpture.  We source not only contemporary furniture pieces, art and sculpture, but also antiques.  In regards to upholstery, most of our upholstered furniture is custom-made and often designed specifically for the project.  The sense of scale and form are major components of our upholstered pieces, so that they are appropriate to the overall Interior Design.  

Our Work Stands Alone:
Our firm is a leader in creating successful Interior Design that exhibits a very high taste level, style component, and refined sense of drama.  Based on fundamental classical principles, our work blends historical elements and concepts in new ways that show a mastery of merging tradition with contemporary woodworking and cutting-edge lighting design.

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​Pavarini Design
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​Pavarini Design
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