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Peter Baas

Peter Baas

Photographer Peter Baas is specialized in photographing interiors, exteriors and for special occasions product photography. He started working as a macro- and wildlife-photographer, but after a while more work started coming in by shooting buildings and museums. Because of this growing market, he wanted to try to make a living out of it.

As a freshman, he soon got the interest and the assignment of a well-known interior company after he got their interest by shooting a unique night vision of their building. This is how his career started, later on  famous interior designers followed and with some positive mouth-to-mouth advertising he now has a prospering client base. Clients like Marcel Wolterinck, Bertram Beerbaum, Roelfien Vos, Bob Manders and many others; all trust him to photograph their newest collections or latest work.

Nowadays also big hotels chains are part of his client base, like Anantara, Van der Valk, Hampshire and Fletcher hotels

Peter Baas works with HDR technology, he works with a tripod and afterwards he merges the pictures in Photoshop This may seem easy for a lot of people but to create the best picture it takes a great vision in fine-tuning, this also takes a lot of time and precision.

Has photographed books for Wolterinck, Kabaz, Cravt, Roelfien Vos, Erik van Gelder Devoted to Garden Design, Hans Kuijten, Loggere Willpower, Hoog Design and many others

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