PUUR Green Projects

PUUR groenprojecten
Velder 25
5298 MB  Liempde
Tel. +31 (0)411 635 050

PUUR groenprojecten
Oude baan 87
3570 Alken
Tel. +32 (0)11 96 63 36

PUUR green projects knows how to create breathtaking garden-landscape designs with clear, powerful lines and quiet details. The company strives to create exceptional projects using sustainable materials combined with contemporary garden designs and tranquil plantings. Projects where the personal touch comes out naturally in the forms, materials and composition. Contemporary gardens that fit completely with the client’s living environment, but in which PUUR green projects are clearly recognizable.

PUUR green projects gardens

Looking at your garden should evoke a sense of pleasure. Because PUUR green projects looks at outdoor spaces with its own vision and with empathy, the company is able to create gardens that evoke emotions. But communication with the client also plays an important role. With the premise that the garden is entirely in keeping with your personal living environment, gardens take on a character of their own that is also entirely in keeping with the style of the landscaping firm.

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