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Reijrink Groenprojecten

Reijrink Groenprojecten
Lage Haghorst 2
5087 TX Diessen

A garden to really enjoy? Reijrink Groenprojecten and its partners of garden designers & landscapers do everything possible to make your garden a dream garden. From moment one, we can think with you and have the design determined by a garden designer or landscaper.

Reijrink Groenprojecten designs and realizes garden, landscape and outdoor space.

Do you dream of having a pool in your garden? Reijrink Groenprojecten has the right expertise and technical know-how to make this happen for you. We are happy to look at your needs and (existing) garden layout with you. We then install a pool that perfectly suits you and your garden. We are happy to support, guide and advise you in the construction, renovation and maintenance of your swimming pool.

One point of contact from A to Z.

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Reijrink Groenprojecten
Sint-Oedenrode estate
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