René van Dongen

René van Dongen

René van Dongen Fotografie
Marktstraat 9
5171 GM Kaatsheuvel

One of the main characteristics of his work is that René van Dongen carefully and selectively emphasizes form, light and detail in function of the communication goal, ensuring that a product, an interior or a building is depicted in a way that is true to the designer’s vision. In doing so, he always strives to capture objects and environments in the most fascinating light so that the client is enraptured in the process. Since 1994, René van Dongen has been an independent and full-time photographer, with an expertise in interior photography, architecture and advertising photography. He is trained in photography, graphic design and graphic design techniques. Over the course of his career, he has gained a vast amount of experience in graphic design and photography. René relentlessly strives for perfection in every aspect of his work and he is committed to delighting cRené van Dongenlients with the best in high-end imaging! His clientele consists mainly of architects, interior designers, as well as a wide range of companies supplying products in the construction and interior design industries.

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