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smART Interior: passion for exclusive interiors and custom furniture

Exclusive interior customization: it is our passion and that in which we excel. Our years of experience allow us to take pride in our craftsmanship in exclusive custom work. Together with renowned interior designers and architectural firms, we design and realize exquisite customization to the finest detail.


smART Interior has been creating exclusive custom kitchens for many years. Our goal: a kitchen that fits your needs flawlessly. Whether you love a country cottage style, or just love classic, or completely fall for a sleek, modern design. Curious about our realizations?


Each bathroom cabinet from smART Interior is finished to the finest detail. The interior of your bathroom feels perfectly familiar and is what you envisioned. With technical feats, thought-out practical adaptations and an eye for beauty, we provide an extraordinary overall experience.

Custom furniture

You can come to smART Interior for all your exclusive custom design needs. In our own workshop, we make all your furniture with passion and craftsmanship. And that shows in our finished products: finished to the smallest detail, durable, high-quality and timeless. Whether you have it in for modern and sleek, or tend more toward a classic, country style.

Exclusive is not a synonym for expensive at smART Interior. For us, exclusive stands for

sophisticated, beautiful design technical know-how and refinement the customer and his wishes as the focus of each project

Yves Pauwels, business manager and passionate interior specialist, personally supervises each project. This way you have your permanent point of contact and you can discuss and agree in confidence and clarity.

We know how to cut wood from all projects: from exclusive kitchens and bathrooms to complete custom interior design with dressing room, fireplace furniture, office, checkroom, … And all with an eye for your needs and budget.

Curious about our realizations? Dream away at our customized projects.

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