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Sober & Sjiek
Slotsedijk 199
3161 PG Rhoon

Sober & Chic offers both advice for adding accents to an interior and for a complete home design. Our style is best described as a combination of country and modern, tough, understated and chic. With an eye for interior character, furniture or objects with a soul. Above all, an interior must be livable. For interior restyling, we visit people’s homes to empathize with their needs. Changing or decorating an interior begins with choosing a color on the wall. To achieve a beautiful effect, we often apply lime and chalk paints, which we also sell in our store. In terms of fabrics and upholstery of sofas, curtains and rugs, there are wonderful combinations to be made. For the finishing touch, we are strong in green decorations so that the interior is delivered to you completely styled.

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