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Steellife can rightly be considered one of the trendsetters in steel doors. About 10 years ago Steellife started making steel doors and walls and to this day we see the popularity increasing. Steellife hasn’t changed that much, still we make everything to order and do it in our own workshop. After all, handmade steel doors give the extra feel you are looking for in your home.

Of course, we do see trends changing, for example, more and more people are choosing a door with color, and the three-bay and four-bay divisions are becoming a little less and the special divisions a little more. No problem for Steellife. We simply make what you want, small or large, simple or challenging? As long as it is made of steel and as long as you are satisfied. Then, after all, so are we!

For several years, we have also been making steel stairs and balustrades. This is because we see that this is also in high demand and it allows us to expand our portfolio. Several times we have already completed total projects in which we supply the steel doors, stairs but also the exterior facade for a home. That way, you as a customer have everything in the same style, or you as an interior designer have everything from the same supplier. Pleasant work for the interior designer and pleasant living for the client!

We hope that viewing our portfolio will give you a good idea of the possibilities and let’s be honest; we also hope it will inspire you. If you do miss something or have a question about us or our projects, feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, we would like to invite you for a showroom visit in Nunspeet where we can go over the possibilities. Really seeing and feeling the products and immediately having a look at the factory does suit such a product. See you soon!

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Steel doors and stair railings in Nunspeet
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