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Studio Fortune

Studio Fortuin
Koesteeg 30
5258 TN  Berlicum

Everything you give attention to grows

Studio Fortune excels at designing and constructing stylish dream gardens. From farm gardens or landscape gardens to urban gardens. And from completely new gardens to modernizing or metamorphosing existing gardens.

Studio Fortuin’ s beautiful gardens are characterized by calm lines and a practical layout of space. Atmospheric outdoor spaces, which match the house and its surroundings and in which surfaces, volumes and materials are perfectly balanced.

Every collaboration with Studio Fortuin starts with a personal conversation in which creative owner Harm Verwegen is curious. After all, to arrive at a personal dream garden, it is important to clearly identify your wishes, dreams, lifestyle and living situation. The inspired experienced Harm then translates your wishes and dreams into a suitable design.

The small-scale team at Studio Fortuin takes care of the perfect realization of your dream garden themselves. With attention to detail and executed with the utmost care. Years of experience and broad knowledge of materials, planting, paving, lighting, finishes and current trends and options allow Studio Fortuin to go for the most beautiful and best results. So that you can enjoy a perfect-looking garden for many years to come.

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