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Studio Govaerts

Studio Govaerts

Studio Govaerts
Asschoutstraatje 7
B-9940 Evergem

Design firm Studio Govaerts, founded by Interior Architect Steven Govaerts, guarantees that your wishes, stories and ideas will be transformed with inspiration into a strong and pure concept. From passion and expertise, bringing interiors to life in which sobriety, the combination of sleek and warm elements in a timeless setting are hallmarks

Each project is approached with an open mind. The existing situation is critically analyzed to determine whether or not the spaces are being used optimally.

Each space, like its occupants, has its own character. Therefore, each design is unique and the choice of materials is completely customized to the customer.

hooO eye for detail and a balanced balance of shapes, colors, light and an innovative choice of materials ensure a harmonious and pure end result that perfectly matches your lifestyle and personality.

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Studio Govaerts

Renovation 90’s house Sleidinge

Studio Govaerts bathroom, luxury bathroom, renovated bathroom, modern bathroom, walk-in shower,Shower Faucet,Indoors,Room,Bathroom,Shower,Corner,Finch,Walkway,Light Fixture,Bus Stop, Luxury, Design, Exclusive, Modern, Custom Made, Special, Beautiful
Studio Govaerts

Bathroom renovation, Sint-Martens-Latem

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