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Tantalus Studio

Tantalus Studio
3656 Tantalus Drive
HI 96822, Honolulu

Tantalus Studio is an interior design studio based out of the forest reserve atop Honolulu that gives it its name.  At Tantalus Studio we believe that interior design should be life-enhancing, inspiring, and artful.  Our goal as a studio is to provide direction, feedback, and expertise to our clients, so that as a team we can create an environment that works seamlessly with their lives.  Hawaii’s eclectic mix of cultures and natural landscapes are a key part of inspiration for Tantalus Studio.  We are equally passionate about bringing new life and relevance to a vintage home as we are about creating a curated modern loft space. We are constantly inspired by the past, while always forward thinking and looking at the most current products and innovations.  Warmth, natural materials, and clean lines are underlying patterns in our work.  We strive to make each project we are a part of livable, classic, thought-provoking, and always authentic to its owners. 

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Tantalus Studio
Tantalus Studio & Residence Honolulu, HI
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