Teo van Horssen

Teo van Horssen

Teo van Horssen Hoveniers
Vinkenpolderweg 31
2952 AV Alblasserdam

Teo van Horssen has 30 years of experience in garden design, construction and maintenance. From cozy city gardens to modern roof gardens, from country gardens to exclusive villa gardens. Specialties we have mastered within our vision.

We believe the exploration of your pure garden always begins with you. The emotion your garden should evoke in you is the guideline for our garden design, which suits your nature as well as the character of your property. We carefully weigh these instinctive desires against immutable requirements such as location, dimensions and soil conditions.

We enjoy working with a variety of qualified landscapers and garden designers. Together with you, we will consider the right path to take and which garden designer best suits your needs, expectations and situation.

We also design gardens ourselves on a regular basis. We can tell you more about this during a no-obligation introductory appointment. You can also download our design brochure with information about the design process and associated fees.

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