Strak studios

Strak studios

Strak studios
Showtuin (alleen op afspraak)
Deilsedijk 24A
4158 CG DEIL

Markt 1
4112 JR Beusichem

At Strak studios, you will meet a team of enthusiastic creators and designers of exclusive outdoor spaces and outdoor products. A team with a mission; to delight!

Centrally located in the Betuwe, we have over 4,000 m2 of show garden in Deil and a characteristic villa full of designer furniture and accessories in Beusichem

From the initial sketch to the design and construction of your outdoor space, Strak studios’ signature is: distinctive, timeless design and total care.

Keywords? High-quality, sleek; without bells and whistles, crafted with an eye for maximum comfort and functionality.

Our vision is to create coherent, unique ideas with essence and soul that satisfy not only physical needs (space, comfort, functionality, proportionality) but also psychological needs (beauty, harmony, aesthetics). Our work goes beyond our exclusive furniture, outbuildings, accessories and decorative products. In essence, we direct emotions and create environments that are soothing and yet also feel uplifting and a pleasure to be in!

Our mission is to position Strak studios as the absolute forerunner in exterior design and styling. We want Strak studios to leave a “footprint” so that our contribution to the “outdoor living sector” is a benchmark in the market that serves as a reference when creating and designing (outdoor) spaces.

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