Timbor Construction Company

Timbor Construction Company

Timbor Bouwbedrijf
De Amert 420
5462 GH Veghel

Timbor Construction Company; complete worry-free construction of your dream home. We don’t like frills, we like details. We love to build. Of beautiful, exclusive homes for satisfied customers. Our bar is high! Yours too?

Why make it difficult when it can be done together? That’s what we believe in. Because the realization of your dream home should be a celebration. And not a nightmare. This is exactly why we set the bar high. And are happy to sit down with you from the very first step. Because then you are taken care of to the maximum, your dream home is built and you experience that construction as a party. As it should be.

Many people first go to the architect with their requirements. Who makes a drawing, which you-after some back and forth discussion-are super enthusiastic about. Yes, this is going to be him! Your dream home, everything is right. The specification drawing goes to the structural engineer after it. Who let his calculations out. Then the specifications go to the contractor. Who calculates what it will cost to go build that house.

And then it turns out that the drawing has to be adjusted again after all!
How so? Because the budget does not appear to match the drawing. Seriously, you won’t be the first to have that happen to you. So what do you do? Will you have the drawing modified? But then it’s no longer the home you actually wanted, right? Moreover, the process then begins again from scratch. With a new drawing, which again has to go to the structural engineer, all extra time, etc.

Bizarre really that many companies stick to this method. Often because it has been that way for years. But not with us.
We believe in a different way of building. We believe in disclosure. In collaboration. Between the architects, us and you. In order to provide you with maximum relief. In a transparent and honest way. And that from the moment you decided to build. We are your point of contact, keep the overview and make choices together. We work together to design your home. Include the installations, interior, pool and your garden. So that everything meets the picture in your head. And what also stands as a house in terms of construction and budget. We build that one unique home together. Without unforeseen surprises, costs or nightmares. Without worry.

Sound good?
Okay then. Suppose you are about to start building. If so, please call or email us first. Then we’ll schedule an appointment. Entirely without obligation. One hour. Or one and a half maybe. Just to hear from us how building a house can also be…

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