Wasbeekerlaan 59
2171 AE  Sassenheim

High quality, beautiful design and a pleasant atmosphere merge in a delightful way in the very spacious experience room of luxury bathroom specialist Tortu. On no less than 1,000 square meters, the young company will display an eye-catching and appealing mix of its own designs and creations from leading brands. But the Sassenheim-based inspiration spot offers more than luxury bathroom furniture alone. Beautiful bath and bed linens, special lighting, stylish accessories and attractive tile work and exclusive marble complete the overall picture.

Tortu’s enthusiastic staff strives for perfection, designing and creating your dream bathroom with love and passion. Your own enjoyment space, where your day begins, where you can unwind and relax to the fullest. Of course, the team at Tortu would also be happy to advise you on the purchase of a single faucet or towel. And even if you visit the experience showroom with your interior designer, you will be warmly welcomed and Tortu offers a pleasant and inspiring environment. The Tortu bar, great music and working wellness enhance the relaxed atmosphere.

In the experience space located directly on the A44, the customer is the focus. After all, the major goal of Tortu’s skilled and driven team is to create a personal and unique custom bathroom. A bathroom that perfectly matches the client’s needs and life. The young quality company manages to achieve this by going on a journey with the client, so to speak, and during this quest to look beyond the beaten path. The fine range of the proprietary and high-quality collection has been enriched by some top brands from the bathroom industry that match Tortu’s contemporary and minimalist style. Experience the luxury and comfort, feel and discover the materials, get to know the unprecedented possibilities and experience the inspiring world of Tortu.

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