Van Damme – Vandeputte architects

Van Damme – Vandeputte architects
Van Damme • Vandeputte architecten Gentsestraat 82 8870 Izegem België

Van Damme – Vandeputte architects is led by fellow students Hannes Van Damme and Benoît Vandeputte (1989) After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at KULeuven, Campus Sint-Lucas in Ghent, they worked in offices at home and abroad.

In 2017, they co-founded the architecture firm named after them. Soon, a multidisciplinary team of architects, interior decorators and designers gathered around them, working on projects ranging from furniture design, interior design to large-scale architectural projects, always with a focus on high quality workmanship.

From the beginning, a clear relationship between architecture and interior experience has been the driving force behind the conception of their projects. Central to their work is the search for aesthetic coherence, where functionality, comfort and durability are equally important components. Each project is started from the context of the place to gradually evolve into a building where the user’s experience is central.

Join us on this architectural journey as we explore some of our portfolio, where attention to detail and a passion for design come together to create exceptional spaces that leave a lasting impression.

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