Villabouw Van der Windt

Villabouw Van der Windt

Van der Windt Exclusieve Woningbouw
Elzenweg 5
3421 TT Oudewater

Being a specialist in exclusive residential construction requires special know-how from dedicated professionals. Specialists who always think and act in the best interest of the client. Who know exactly what working with leading designers means. And who come up with clear but above all achievable schedules. And all within the agreed budget. With Van der Windt, you know where you stand. Recognized craftsmanship, for 50 years.

Realizing housing dreams

We are passionately committed to that every day. And we have a name to uphold in that. Your dream home will have the level and unique finishing touches it deserves. Realized from a total concept, with which we take care of everything for you. With quality construction, interior and maintenance. As complete as it can be. Because for us, there is no better advertisement than a satisfied client.

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