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VOLA faucets, showers and accessories were designed in 1968 by renowned Danish architect and industrial designer Arne Jacobsen in close collaboration with Verner Overgaard, founder of VOLA. VOLA stands for Verner Overgaard Lund Armaturen.

VOLA is characterized by a minimalist timeless design and almost limitless application possibilities. As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of cranes, VOLA’s principles are rooted in its corporate culture. Every little detail is carefully examined during the process from design to delivery to the customer. Every product is thus guaranteed in the condition VOLA has valued for decades. VOLA does not just want to sell a product, but to offer the customer a complete service during its installation and use. The entire production of VOLA faucets and accessories takes place in its own factory in Denmark, which ensures the high quality.

When technical innovations are made and the product range is expanded, VOLA always does so under the motto of “celebrating continuity, celebrating change. The core values of yesteryear, such as modularity and timelessness are combined with today’s desire for greater durability and efficiency. The demand for special surfaces is also met; in addition to standard colors such as chrome, matte black and brushed stainless steel, among others, the entire collection comes in beautiful metallic colors such as gunmetal, copper and brushed gold. The formal language of the different fixtures really always remains the same: pure shapes and geometry through circles, cylinders and lines perfectly balanced with each other.

Partly for this reason, VOLA’s reputation, especially among architects, is solid and its faucets, showers and accessories are frequently used in both private projects and in leading locations such as the Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Conscious Hotel Westerpark and the WTC Rotterdam to name but a few.

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