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Watts Lux & Lumen

Watts Lux & Lumen
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The 3 words in our company name Watts Lux & Lumen are typical of the lighting industry. Watts, derived from the word wattage. Lux, means illuminance and Lumen, the light output or luminous flux. With this we want to indicate that we are crazy about light! With more than 20 years of experience in the professional lighting world, from incandescent lighting to the latest LED technology, with us you are at the right place for advice, lighting plans and possible purchase of your lighting for, among others, the specialties Retail, Utility, Office environments, Outdoor lighting, Hospitality & Wellness and luxury housing. For some disciplines there are legal standards to achieve the right lighting that we can perfectly include for you in the designs of the lighting plan.

In other words: Light as mood creator, light is our passion!

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