Complete your outdoor space

Complete your outdoor space

A patio cover provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year-round. It protects against weather and creates a cozy atmosphere in the garden. But did you know that a patio cover is more than just a roof over your head? In this blog, we will tell you more about the different options Vitrona offers to make your outdoor space even more functional and attractive. From siding and fixed walls to cladding, heaters, lighting and outdoor curtains. Discover how to, transform your outdoor space into a true dream spot of comfort and style.

Side walls protect from wind, rain and prying eyes. In addition, designer walls make your patio cover a real eye-catcher. At Vitrona, we have endless possibilities. Thus, glass side walls provide panoramic views while maintaining an open and bright atmosphere. Sliding and folding walls give the flexibility to adjust the degree of openness depending on weather conditions. These sliding and folding walls can be fitted with rotating aluminum or wooden slats. With these slats, sunlight can be adjusted as desired. In addition, they give your patio cover a luxurious look.

Fixed walls
Fixed walls are a great option if you are looking for added privacy and protection. Vitrona offers stylish and durable fixed walls that add an extra layer of privacy and weather protection to your patio cover. These walls are custom made and can be matched to the style of the home and patio cover. This creates a seamless transition. We often apply solid walls in stone, ceramic, aluminum and plastic. With fixed walls, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round, even in the colder seasons.

Completed patio canopy with fixed side wall

At Vitrona, we understand that the appearance of your patio enclosure is very important. Cladding can make a big difference in this. Wood siding gives a warm and natural look, while aluminum or plastic siding creates a modern look. Complete your siding with integrated LED lighting. These LEDs are atmospheric and functional all in one. At Vitrona, we have the right options to perfectly match your patio cover to the style of your home.

Linarte® cladding from Renson

Want to enjoy the outdoors even on colder days? Then consider installing heaters. A variety of heaters are available. Consider infrared heaters or electric patio heaters. Depending on your needs, a heating system can be chosen. Vitrona offers several heating options to keep your patio cover at the desired temperature.

Completed patio canopy with heaters from Weinor

Lighting sets the mood for your patio cover. That’s why we offer several lighting options. LED lighting beautifully illuminates your outdoor space in the evening. In addition, LED lights are energy efficient and last a long time. Combine LED lighting with recessed spotlights, pendant and wall lights to create a cozy ambiance.

An eye-catcher is our DOME by Heatsail. This timeless designer lamp with heater is an eye-catcher on any patio or canopy. With this great lamp and heater in one, you can continue to enjoy the outdoors even when it gets colder outside.

Completed patio canopy with DOME by Heatsail

Outdoor Curtains
Outdoor curtains are not just decorative. They also provide additional privacy and protection from bright sunlight. Outdoor curtains are available in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. This way, the outdoor curtains can be completely coordinated with your personal style and the rest of the outdoor space. In addition, outdoor curtains can also serve as an airy partition between different parts of the patio. Vitrona offers several exterior curtain options that will complete your patio cover.

Outdoor curtains from Renson

With the right extensions, transform your patio cover into a versatile dream spot. Side walls, fixed walls, cladding, heaters, lighting and outdoor curtains offer countless options to customize your patio cover to your needs and taste. Whether you are looking for extra protection, privacy or ambiance, there are options for every situation. Stop by one of our showrooms and see the different options available. Together we will create the ideal patio cover for you to enjoy all year round.

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