Connected outside all summer with good WiFi

Connected outside all summer with good WiFi

As temperatures rise, daily life is increasingly taking place in the garden. From preparing food on the barbecue to reading the newspaper late at night. This is why many people consider WiFi outside as important as WiFi inside. But often the range outside is disappointing. We have the solution for that.

Perfect coverage everywhere in the garden

WiFi signal penetrates modern building materials such as insulation materials and triple glazing with difficulty. Therefore, coverage in the garden is often woefully poor. We have the solution for that. We place an additional access point in the garden connected by cable to the router in your meter box. As a result, the WiFi signal no longer has obstacles. You will find that everywhere in the garden the WiFi signal is perfect.

Seamlessly extend the WiFi network from inside to outside

In the ideal situation, you would not even notice from the WiFi signal that you are going from inside to outside. For example, during video calls. And that ideal situation is achievable! Because we build a so-called self-roaming network in and around your home. Once the system senses that the connection to the access point inside is deteriorating, it instructs your phone to switch to the access point outside in a timely manner. This happens so quickly that you don’t notice it.

All devices can do their job

Every home, in addition to your smartphone and laptop, has more and more devices that use the wireless network. Devices in the garden are also controlled via WiFi. You obviously want all these devices to keep working cleanly. With our WiFi solution, we guarantee that any device can be connected without any problems. We cite some examples:

Barbecue with sensors

Cooking food on a barbecue such as a Big Green Egg or a Weber cannot be done without measuring the temperature. And what could be more convenient than monitoring the temperature remotely from the comfort of your armchair? The best wireless sensors work over WiFi. So for good control over your cooking, it is important not to lose connection.

Port control

If you have an excellent WiFi network and the right technology, you can welcome your guests in style. With our gate control solutions, you open the gate via your smartphone well before anyone is in front of the gate. Even when you are not at home. Port control works globally and only on authorized devices.

Robotic mower and irrigation

Maintaining your garden; but automated. Robotic mowers are controlled via WiFi connection. But sprinkler equipment also works over WiFi. Sensors measure the humidity of your borders. This combined with the weather forecast determines whether to irrigate.

Garden lighting

Set your lighting via an app on your phone. For indoors, we are already used to it. But for outdoor lighting, this is also possible. With good WiFi in the garden, you integrate it all into one system.

Garage door control

You can also open the garage doors before you drive through your gate. So we can connect everything together, whatever umaar wish. Getting in and out has never been easier, without unnecessary idling and using different technologies.


Expand your Sonos system with one or more speakers into your gazebo or porch. Because with a full coverage WiFi network, it seamlessly connects to the system you have inside. This obviously applies to other brands of WiFi speakers.

Invisibly mounted

Of course, we provide the same service outside as we do inside. So even in the garden, we make sure that all equipment and cables are mounted out of sight. You don’t see the perfect WiFi network, but you do experience it.

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