You don’t need magic to go on vacation, you just need to choose a destination. Don’t we all have a place where your heart beats faster …, A memory, a soul ….

You undoubtedly recognize it: hearing a song on the radio, smelling certain fragrance, the taste of a dish, all of them can trigger memories that lead you to that place you love. Close to home or perhaps across the pond, a destination has triggered something in you. The emotion evoked by the memory brings you back to that one place you think back to with warm feelings. Fantastic that our brain works this way!!!

Each city has its own individuality. That can of course be buildings, streets or squares, bridges or water but not to forget certainly COLOR!!! When you scrutinize a city, you can clearly see a color palette emerge. Think of the well-known red of the bridge in San Francisco, the golden atmosphere of Milan’s cathedral and the galeria Vittorio Emanuele, the gray of the buildings and the atomium in Brussels, the colorful streets of Havana.

We have incorporated these characteristic elements into delightful moods that highlight the atmosphere of a city and that are reflected in the color blends of the new Cosmopolitan collection : a series of city maps of different destinations, made of 100% wool in a rich color blend of fine worsted yarns. We have created a diverse selection of 21 destinations for you but both colors and floor plans can also be customized. You can choose your own destination!

The basis of the rug is a special 3D loop pile construction in different pile heights in which the structure of the city is brought to the fore through shearing; a vibrant “ton-sûr-ton” web of small and larger streets, bridges, water and other eye-catching elements emerges. The rug is a real eye-catcher both on the floor and on the wall.

Is it starting to itch yet? Where is your [droom]trip headed?

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