Craft, history, character

Craft, history, character

Manufacturing and selling a scaffoldwood table in 2005 proved to be the starting point of the successful quality business Restyle XL. “In 2005 we saw an opportunity to manufacture and market the then interesting and trendy product. We sold our first tables through Marktplaats,” Ruud van Oudenallen, one of the three owners of Restyle XL, looks back. Anno 2017, the trio employs eight people, works exclusively with quality products and its diverse portfolio shows much more than the wooden table of the early days. “We realize handcrafted furniture with special wood,” he said.

“While being entrepreneurial and learning, we came step by step to where we are today as a company. We researched the market well and certainly listened carefully to the noises from that same market. Soon we came to the conclusion that if we wanted to be distinctive and progressive, we had to look for special quality wood.” That search led to Belarus, Romania, Croatia, Austria, Canada and the United States, among others. Over the years, Restyle XL has built a network through which used quality wood from the countries mentioned above, among others, finds its way to the workshop in Woerden. “We work with dried and old oak, barnwood, pine, hardwood, scrap wood and old wagon parts, among other things. The wood is marked by weather and wind. Knows a long history and lends itself perfectly to distinctive kitchens or furniture with character.”

Custom wooden kitchens
“But not only is your network important, as a company you also have to master the whole process. How do you treat the wood? How do you dry it properly and how do you finally apply it? And in addition, of course, you need craftsmen who can make distinctive and beautiful things in the workshop,” Ruud said. He continues: “We focus mainly on kitchens, bathroom furniture and tables. We work with wood that not everyone can get their hands on easily. In addition, we throw our own sauce over each creation. Being just a little different from others. How? The solid wood fronts in our kitchens, for example, are slightly thicker than others. That makes the kitchen more robust and gives it even more character.”

Bathroom furniture made of wood
The creativity present, the craftsmanship provided and the quality of the finished product make Restyle XL a company that has built a large customer base over the last 12 years. “The fact is, of course, also that wood combines very well with other materials and goes well with any style of home. Whether you want a sleek modern kitchen or a country or even classic kitchen. Wood adds to the desired look in any style,” Ruud praises the versatility of the characteristic wood. As stated, Restyle XL focuses primarily on kitchens, bathroom furniture and tables, but Ruud dares to say that complete interiors are also among the possibilities. “We have the experience and creativity, we know the product inside out and we only work with quality products. So yes, complete furnishings we can definitely handle.” Complete furnishings or bathroom furniture. A custom wood kitchen or a custom wood table. The look of Restyle XL’s creations is always distinctive. Atmospheric creations with a story. Wood craft furniture with history. “But, of course, you have to love wood,” the inspired craftsman concludes with a laugh.

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